When it’s time to abandon your well, MAVERICK DRILLING is licensed and has the expertise to complete the procedure according to state laws. New Mexico has laws governing the plugging of abandoned wells, and the state engineer must approve the well plugging plan ahead of time. The well driller must also file the well plugging record within 20 days of the plugging.


To plug an abandoned non-artesian well, the well will be filled from the bottom upwards to the surface using a tremie pipe. The well will be plugged with sealing material approved by the state engineer for use in the plugging of non-artesian wells.

To plug an abandoned artesian well, the well will be plugged from the bottom upwards with a neat cement slurry. The well plugging will also be witnessed by an authorized representative of the state engineer.

Dry wells must be plugged by filling the well with drill cuttings or native fill to within ten feet of the surface and by plugging the remaining ten feet with sealing material.

If well contamination is discovered, specialty plugging materials and plugging methods may be required.

A licensed well driller must keep a record of each well plugged and file a complete plugging record with the state engineer and the permit holder within twenty days of plugging.