You, as private or commercial a well owner, can ensure that your water well is performing efficiently and producing high quality water. Well maintenance should be performed yearly if possible, and MAVERICK DRILLING has the expertise and the equipment necessary to give your well that yearly checkup. We also perform WELL PRODUCTION TESTING.

Maverick Drilling is a licensed well contractor as well as a member of the National Groundwater Association (NGWA). If you want more detailed information on maintaining wells and locating a local well contractor, take a look at the Wellowner.org website.

Annual Well Maintenance

Your well contractor should:

√   measure water level before and during pumping
√   check the pump motor amp load, grounding, and line voltage
√   inspect the pressure tank and pressure switch contact
√   perform a flow test of system output
√   make sure your well equipment is clean
√   check that your well cover is properly sealed
√   test for coliform bacteria, nitrates, iron, manganese, water hardness, and sulfides
√   provide you with a well maintenance report for your records

Steps You Can Take

To ensure its longevity, keep the area around your well clear of chemicals of any kind. Don’t allow livestock, waste systems or structures of any kind to encroach upon your clear area.