Since 1996, we have been drilling water wells and offering well services. We’re comprised of knowledgeable individuals with one goal in mind, to get you water. Our clients include municipal utilities and individual homeowners. Are you buying property that needs a well? Have a well that’s not pumping water? Or maybe you’re an individual, a utility or a real estate professional who needs a well inspector. Whatever it is, we will drill it, inspect it and maintain it to keep it running, and we insist on doing it right. We are licensed and bonded drillers and pump installers located near Las Cruces, NM. Welcome to MAVERICK DRILLING.


Drilling wells

Well drilling has been our business since 1996.
Give us a call and let our experience work for you.

Inspecting wells

With a visual and physical inspection of your well,
we check your entire system for proper function.

Maintaining wells

Maintaining your well and auxiliary equipment
will ensure a longer life for your system.

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Members of the New Mexico Ground Water Association (NMGWA)
Members of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA)
Licensed with the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer (OSE)
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