We sometimes need to identify well problems that cannot be determined without “seeing” the problem.
Maverick Drilling uses underground cameras for viewing downhole and sideview images and videos in water wells.

Attached to a mono-conductor cable, the camera allows for real time observation of the casing and well screen to discover cracks or holes or areas of corrosion. Not only does the camera enable us to help diagnose problems in wells, it also allows us to save images and videos of the downhole inspection to a DVD for our clients.

We can also use the camera system for general inspection of the casing and well screen. If you’d like, we’ll video your well during your well inspection or as part of your maintenance routine.


Discovery of a fallen well cap during a well inspection. This is the beginning of the retrieval process.

Downhole Camera
This well casing is layered with a buildup of calcium carbonate.

Using a combination of brushes and chemicals, Maverick Drilling can clean these deposits from your well casing and screen to increase your water flow.